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Our Services

Content Creation

Content is an essential marketing tool these days. Articles, blog posts, free reports all help you to achieve visibility and credibility. The content of your website needs to grab attention and encourage visitors to explore your services and products. Capsules for Facebook and Tweets on your Twitter account need to reflect your business ethics, your personality as well as getting your message out to the world. Writing is what we love to do and what we do really well.


Words are everywhere jostling for our attention. In an instant they must capture the reader’s interest and persuade them to read on. Successful copy is clear, precise, lively, relevant, readily understood and appropriate to the context. We love to write so why not hire us to write the copy for your marketing collateral, direct mailshots, email campaigns, presentations, annual reports and much more?


Rewriting may be required when the original text has been prepared by a non-native speaker. A rewrite adapts a text to meet the cultural and linguistic expectations of a specific audience or to produce a final text from your original draft.

Ghost Writing

If you want to write about your travels, your life, a guide to favourite hobby, or whatever subject you choose, we’ll meet with you for a series of detailed interviews, gather all the necessary information and write that book with you or for you.

Text Revisions/Editing

We can give your document a final polish; correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; ensure that it is idiomatically appropriate or rewrite it completely from your rough draft.

Translation Services

Our translators are university-educated, only translate to their native language and have a specialist knowledge of the subject area. This ensures that our translations convey the total meaning of the source material into the target language with special attention to cultural nuance and style. We never accept a translation assignment outside our area of expertise.

Literature Review

A literature review is where you give us the material you’ve gathered, we then read it and provide you with a summary of the salient points in the language you require. This saves you research time and is much less expensive than having the material translated.