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Our Translation Services

Although our specialism is translations from French to English and English to French, we can facilitate translation into and from other world languages via our network of associate translators.

Our translators are university-educated, only translate to their native language and have a specialist knowledge of the subject area. This policy ensures that our translations convey the total meaning of the source material into the target language with special attention to cultural nuance and style.

We never accept a translation assignment outside our area of expertise.

Our clients include: RioTintoAlcan, SNC Lavalin, Université de Laval, Université de Montréal, La Scena Musicale, Clarity Systems (now part of IBM).

The Cost effective approach

You may have a lot of material that you think you need to have translated but it may be that what you really need is for someone who understands the topic to read it and then provide you with a detailed summary in your own language.  This is sometimes referred to as a Literature Review.  This can be much less expensive than having all the documents translated.

Research Services

GSP impacts also offers research services where we gather information on your chosen subject and then provide you with a summary of our findings from websites and publications in the chosen language. If you require a package of full-text articles these can be provided subject to respect of copyright restrictions.

If you’d like to use our translation services get in touch with us!

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