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For University Faculty

We are pleased to offer the following services to university faculty:

Ghostwriting an article

Proofreading your books and articles

Building a Powerpoint pack from your notes

Revising your Powerpoints

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Professor Hikari AkizawaChuo University, Tokyo, Japan.I am grateful for your kind professional service. The slides become beautiful. I will learn your modification of script from now.

Jean-Paul Brodeur, former Director of the Centre for Comparative Criminology, Université de Montréal, Canada.  Miss Gillian Pritchett has collaborated closely with me on several of my papers during the past three years. The work she has performed for me includes: the transcription and editing of the recordings of a conference on social sciences with speakers in French and English; the translation of texts from French to English, the preparation of Powerpoint presentations and the revision (copy editing) of a substantial book on the police and security forces (over 400 pages) that I wrote in English over the past few years. It is an understatement to say that I am more than satisfied with my collaboration with Miss Pritchett. She has become indispensable to me as her work is not limited to just matters linguistic. Miss Pritchett makes suggestionCover for<br /><br /> The Policing Web<br /><br /> s regarding the content of my texts and their intelligibility which I nearly always accept. I think the fact that the quality of the work she has performed for me has received an external endorsement speaks for itself. As I’ve already said, Miss Pritchett edited a book written in English on the police that I completed quite recently. This has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press, a prestigious and exacting publishing house (The Policing Web scheduled for publication in 2010). Oxford University Press have finished copy editing the work themselves, as is their practice, and have congratulated me on the excellent quality of my manuscript. This is a clear endorsement of the quality of the meticulous work carried out by Miss Pritchett who was responsible for the preparation of my manuscript. I therefore highly recommend Miss Pritchett’s work. She has a broad knowledge and skill set that extends well beyond the boundaries of translation and text revision. Her varied work shows an equal excellence.

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